Anekke Iceland: Home of ice and fire

Iceland is an unforgettable destination. The northern lights, glaciers, whales, volcanoes that roar and legends that are still alive… And now, discover it with Anekke!

The Anekke Iceland collection is divided up into 3 lines: 

Anekke Iceland: friend of nature Anekke Iceland includes some of the most typical elements of this magical land in its design: the skies coloured with the northern lights, the ocean, the whales and the ice. You will find different motifs and inspiring sentences about respecting the Earth and its elements in the main printed designs and in the lining. Through the colouring of the patterns and the details in nacre, the geometric shaped lapel pins, the embroidery and the key ring that has a handcrafted touch to it, Anekke Iceland is launched as a collection that not only will you love: it will connect you to the most vibrant side of Iceland too.

Anekke Rune: tradition and legend

The respect for the Earth and its traditions inspire the design of the Anekke Rune line, which gets its name from the traditional Viking runes. With brown as the base colour and an exquisite printed design that is used on the back and the lining, the details enliven each of the pieces. Embroidery and prints that encourage us to protect the planet, decorative rune-shaped elements, customized pull straps and the lovely key ring from the collection, which has the coordinates of Reykjavík on it, bring this precious collection alive.


Convenient, pretty, full of details… and, what is more, environmentally friendly! That is what the Anekke Iceland bags and accessories are like: made with materials that respect nature. Because that is Anekke’s commitment: to look after her products, look after you and protect the Planet. 

Nature Ocean: eco capsule collection

Nature Ocean is the Anekke Iceland eco capsule collection, made with 80% recycled materials (certified with the Control Union Certifications B.V. stamp).The bags of this line are inspired by the volumes of the icebergs, which are recreated using stitching and embroidery on quilted materials, with embroidered whale trim, patterns that reproduce the bottom of the sea and geometric-shaped metallic details.A collection full of messages about protecting the Planet, made with a lot of love. 

HEIMA: Home of ice and fire

There, where day and night become one. Where my gaze and the mountains merged. Where the volcanoes are clothed in lava scars, the bays are the land of the whales and the eternal snow. There, in Iceland, the journey began within me. A halo of cold wind touched my face when I first set foot on its soil. All the elements came into line with overwhelming force: fire and land. Lava and air. Ice and water. The glaciers that loomed before me had a hypnotising, overpowering effect, making me speechless. I felt my heart pound, while I was surrounded by what must have been the sound of vastness. The midnight sun and its turquoise waters made me forget everything that doesn’t matter. They made me become aware of the huge gift that Mother Nature gives us every day and that everything I need lives inside me. I just have to know how to look at it. Whilst I watched the sky being coloured with the northern lights, the stories about the elves and fairies that lived in its green fields turned into new pages of my travel journal. And touched by the beauty of the wild and its Viking legends, I saw how tradition and the future go hand in hand: because the earth is important and the future is ours. And this is how I will always remember Iceland: like the warmest cold in the world. Like a shiver that goes through my body with vibrant force. Darkness dressed in lights, old fables that still survive while the water breaks on the rock and the fire roars under my feet. There, where everything comes down to the only thing that matters, where the glaciers were my home and the flames were my heartbeat, in that old land of legends, I embraced my soul and I reconnected. Because that is what Iceland is like: an oasis in the middle of the world. 64° 8′ 7″ N, 21° 53′ 43″ O

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