Anekke Nature Ocean is theAnekke Iceland capsule collection of ecobags and accessories. Inspired by the oceans and the huge glaciers, thiscollection is distinguished for having been made with up to 80% recycled material, which comes from plastic bottle tops.

Each AnekkeNature Ocean product sold will contribute to attaining one objective: Collecting500kg of rubbish from the sea! Would you like to know how? Discover more!

#feelyoureco: Anekke Nature Ocean Challenge

Each Anekke Nature Ocean product sold will contribute to collecting 500kg of rubbish from the sea.

So far we have collected:

The echo is a sound. It is like your voice that is projected towards the world, returning the very same as what you give it. Our echo can make the world a better place, which is why we want to ask you to contribute to this new challenge: removing 500kg of rubbish from the sea!

How can you help?

·        Yourpurchase counts! Every Anekke Nature Ocean product sold will contribute toremoving rubbish from the sea.

·        Everybag or accessory from the collection will add an amount (weight) to theobjective.

·        Thelittle boat will move forward as we get closer to attaining the objective: toadd up 500kg.

·        Allyou have to do is choose your favourite and buy it. And take a little bit ofthe sea with you!

Furthermore, if you want to help me meet the challenge, share a photo of yourself with your Anekke Nature Ocean bag or wallet in your social media sites, using the hashtag #feelyoureco. You will be entered into a giveaway for a bag!

What is the equivalent weight of your purchase?

Every Anekke Nature Ocean bag and accessory will be the equivalent of a certain amount of rubbish that will be collected from our coastlines. Would you like to know what the equivalent weight of your purchase is?

ECO Label: bags made with recycled materials

The AnekkeNature Ocean collection has been created using up to 80% recycledmaterials. Something as ordinary as a plastic bottle top is turnedinto the recycled material that brings this collection to life, to protect oneof our most treasured assets: the sea.

The collection has the label that certifies its validity, which is endorsed by the Control Union Certifications B.V (Certificate number: CU1042179GRS-2020-00016586 /Registration number: 1042179).

Anekke Nature Ocean Inspiration

This collection was inspired by a trip to magical Iceland. Its enormous glaciers, the whale songs and the raw beauty of its scenery are depicted in the printed designs and shapes of this ode to the oceans.

Discover the collection:

Anekke and the Ecomar Foundation:

The Ecomar Foundation has been looking after the sea for 20 years. It was founded by Theresa Zabell, the Olympic medal winner of sailing, who decided to give back the sea everything that it had given her. So, with the slogan “Take care of the only two places you can never move from: your body and your planet.” this Foundation is dedicated to raising the awareness of more than 15,000 children every year about how important it is to look after our seas, and also to organizing coastal cleanups. 

The Ecomar Foundation will get a donation from Anekke once we have met the challenge of totalling 500kg from all the purchases of the collection. This amount will be used to clean up 500kg of marine litter from our coastlines. Would you help me achieve this? Buy your Anekke Nature Ocean bag now!